What type of bikes do you rent?

BEACH CRUISERS - It's the beach! But more specifically we rent Electra Brand Lux Cruisers. This is a basic Cruiser with next level components like a lightweight aluminum frame and Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology®.

What kind of brakes do your Cruiser have?

Our basic cruisers have coaster brakes (you know push back foot brakes), but if you prefer hand brakes we do carry some Electra Brand Townie for men and women that feature hand brakes.

Do you have kid's bikes?

Of course! Our smallest bike is a 16" that you can get with or without training wheels. We also have 20" and 24" bikes, so we can almost always find a bike that will work for your needs.

What about babies or toddlers?

We have plenty of bikes with rear and front seats. We also have trailers that attach to adult bikes.

Do you rent Surreys?

Unfortunately we do not! Surreys are not allowed on the boardwalk in Newport Beach, so we do not rent them. We do have plenty of options for the whole family though.